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Join us in the FUTURE of Anti-Ageing

A new innovative phenomenon in anti-ageing aesthetics. Next generation Specialist Net procedure to stimulate the body’s own collagen formation to create a natural “tissue corset”. The collagen matrix results in a natural face lift with tissue tightening and restoration of its youthful contours.

The original elements of the technology has been used in hundreds of thousands of surgical procedures around the world for many years. Now comes The TimeNet™, the next generation based on research, quality, innovation.

The TimeNet™ is a new and unique brand that represents a significant leap forward in the facial aesthetics industry. Its ethos is to combine its validated techniques in facial cosmetic procedures quality based products for the benefit of its customers.

The TimeNet™ education and product quality measures ensure that unlike other facial cosmetic techniques, patients and practitioners alike can be confident that the patient is getting the best possible product and result.

We are looking forward to you experiencing this amazing procedure, and enjoys its remarkable results.


Head of Training & Medical Director
Consultant Mr. Anil Banerjee

dr-anilMr Banerjee has been an ENT and Facial Plastic Surgical Consultant at University Hospitals of Leicester since 1999.

Mr Banerjee has also held the position of Clinical Director of the Facial Deformity Clinic at Leicester Royal Infirmary for 10 years, treating patients with facial paralysis, asymmetry and facial movement disorders with a variety of surgical and non-surgical techniques.

  • Member of Facial Plastic Surgery Section of ENTUK
  • Member of European Association of Facial Plastic Surgeons
  • Lecturer on the St Marys Facial Plastic Surgery Course, London


The TimeNet is now available at the following clinics